Phoenix Lyte

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Summer is around the corner so now is the time to stock up on our electrolyte mix Phoenix Lyte.

After 6 years (yes 6 years!!) there has been a price rise. So grab a 1kg bag for $20 or 500g bag for $10.

⭐️🐴Limited stock available in store and online or check in with your stable door seller.🐴⭐️

A premium quality electrolyte, formulated to replace sweat for the rapid rehydration of your horse.

In hot weather conditions, a rider must consider the needs of an electrolyte replacement to avoid dehydration, overwhelming and to assist with a failure to sweat, poor recovery and performance failures. The key to effective electrolyte replacement is feeding adequate amounts, matching intake to the sweat loss.

Comes in a 1kg or a 500g bag.