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We've had heaps of success with Mag-NE-Tude, our highly palatable and high uptake magnesium supplement. This supplement has been formulated to meet the needs of horses under stress, moody mares, tense show horses, stressed foals and highly-strung horses in work.  The active ingredient is Bolifor Mag 33, the most palatable of all the magnesiums and delivers the most efficient dietary uptake for horses. We have also included a Natural E to deliver a high level of antioxidants to assist a stressed horse. The B1 (Thiamine) is organic in nature and more accessible in the equine system, naturally aids in the control of stress. 
Many high level competition horses have found great benefits of being on this product, particularly on show day as it is EA safe. 

Used for

* Separation anxiety, weaning

* Nervous horses - it allows them to relax their muscles and allow them to breathe, this helps them to stay calm and means you have access to their mind and body to make training easier.

* Show day stress, off to the breaker, racehorses on raceday, and letting down when coming off the track and changes of situation.

* Help stop lactic acidosis build up

* Horses that “tie up” due to stress

* Can help with trainability 

* Can help with mild wind suckers and relive some of the stress that causes ulcers to form.